• Welcome to the Home of the Coyotes

    Dear Staff, Students, and Parents,

    Combs High School is committed to Academic Achievement… Supported, Encouraged, and Expected for all.

    We provide educational experiences that build 21st century knowledge, characteristics and skills that will serve students after graduation. These experiences are generated through coursework that fosters academic achievement and the growth of critical thinking and problem solving skills. Combs High School offers a number of honors and advanced placement courses that can lead to earning college credits. Additionally, career and technical education courses provide opportunities to receive industry certification and professional networking through internships and professional conferences. There are no limitations to what students can achieve as they prepare for a successful future. 

    Plus, Combs High School provides students with a variety of extra-curricular activities. These activities include athletic programs that generate student athletes earning state level recognition, fine arts programs earning excellent rankings at state level festivals, and a nationally honored student council and yearbook. Also, an array of student clubs and organizations. Being a part of the CHS community makes for a rich and full high school experience.

    It is with great pride that I join Combs High School and look forward to working alongside you as we continue CHS’s commitment to excellence.

    Best Regards,

    Tanya Loftis